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NKW 1709 - A Busy Week

The Challenge What a week!  As the owner of a small business I find that I am stretched not so much in time as skillsets required to be able to move things forward.  This week just gone was a prime example.  Having the ability to research, pick apart, learn and adapt makes life easier. Sometimes it is frustrating as the solution, whilst eventually obvious, are often obscured by technical jargon, unfamiliar systems and interdependencies. Assumed knowledge us a hindrance, throw in the myriad of access controls and you can lose hours.  YouTube and Google are the modern day Encyclopedia Britannica, although there us a lot of crap out there.  As quickly as the hurdle is overcome, the knowledge can be lost.  It is helpful to make a note! Building The Website I have had a domain for sometime now and almost a year ago I started learning to code using HTML and CSS.  It was really a ground up approach.  Incredibly slow and limited in terms of practicality.  My recent introduction to Photoshop in