NKW1709 - An Introduction


What is NKW 1709 and what is it all about?  Well, it is best to start with me.  I am a photographer interested in developing my creativity, taking the skills I have, with my imagination and the resources at my disposal to produce art.  It can be rather arrogant to call things art but then when you look at anything in life, it can be considered as a form of art or expression, depending upon your perspective.

It doesn't have to be associated with any particular leaning, you can be anyone you like, you can say or do anything you like (at the risk of causing offence, perhaps too many do so deliberately?)

So the name, well that is straightforward, it is my initials followed by the time.  Maybe more later but it is a quirk rather than a mystery.

I have several outlets for my work, although I really must get a bit more organised.

In essence I seek out different subjects and creative angles and more recently have gone from pure photography to more art design in Lightroom and with Photoshop.  My brother recently introduced me to the possibilities on offer and I have been hooked since.

My brother, Glen, has his own website and he is a far more talented and imaginative traditional artist than I.  He has a website www.gkpwallace.com, it is a walk through his mind and imagination.

So now my perspective has changed, I was seeking subjects to take photos of and now I am looking for textures, parts of photographs, even whole buildings to use as blank canvases.  My most recent expedition, if that is what I could call it, was with my wife.  An made some lovely watercolour pictures and I took some very particular pictures or corn and bark.

With each day we learn a little more, see things differently than before and appreciate things from a different perspective.  That is what is so good about being human and opening your eyes to the world.


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