Hello Darkness My Old Friend


I stare from the darkness, almost without shape, I blend into your shadows.  

Am I a thing to be feared or am I just the darker part of your mind?  

What trials have I seen with those eyes, what pain have they bore witness to?

Take me to the light, lead me from my prison.

Rescue me with your love.

Where has this image come from?  Well, my wife often tells me that this creativity is showing the darker side to my mind.  She has not yet seen this one though!

For me the creation of this image is a voyage of exploration as I check out new looks and combinations.  It is the combination of a rather serious self portrait, with a single studio light against a black backdrop.   The texture is provided by a sample of bark taken recently whilst out cycling.  Cutting and shaping the layer to be applied over the face.  They eyes are enhanced just a little.

Source photos:

Image taken in loft at home with Canon EOS 5D MkIII, F13, 1/125sec ISO 200 50mm focal length.

Image taken near Langdorp with Canon EOS RP F8, 1/100sec ISO 400 70mm focal length.


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