Zulu Alpha!

 I am going through a phase of turning everyday naval phrases and sayings into simple designs that can be applied to products, both clothing and other decorative and practical items.

In this case I take my inspiration from my earlier career.  When approaching a known high risk area we like to be prepared and ready to face the threats, so we adopt a manning state where everyone is at their action station, this is called State 1 and we close and prepare the ship itself to receive and resist damage and attack, this is called Condition Zulu.  

For defence against nuclear, biological and chemical attack, we further make the ship into an overpressure citadel by going to Alpha.  The result is that we force any bad things in the air out using air pressure.

So we have a State 1 Condition Zulu Alpha.  It means we are ready for pretty much anything.  The inside of the ship is considered safe and, to go on deck you must be completely kitted out in protective clothing.  It is a most uncomfortable way to live so we definitely don't want to prolong the condition if we possibly can. 

Covid-19 has a similar approach, we keep locked down and sanitise ourselves, reducing contact, but taking suitable protective measures when venturing out.  Hence:

If you feel like getting a mask with the design then you can get one right here.



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